Volunteer Opportunities

Want to help crime victims? Consider becoming a member of the Fox Cities Crisis Response Team. As a crisis response volunteer, you will respond to crimes and other traumatic events in order to assist local law enforcement in providing on-scene support to affected community members. Our comprehensive training process ensures you will have the knowledge and tools necessary to provide assistance.

Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team wearing safety vest

Becoming a Victim Crisis Responder

In order to become a victim crisis responder, you’ll need to complete the following steps:

1. Complete our volunteer application and background check.

2. Complete a pre-training interview.

3. Complete 25 hours of classroom training.

4. Complete a post-training interview.

 *Note: Due to the sensitivity of the role, some applicants may not be accepted into the program. 

Our Three-Step Mentoring Process

Once you’ve completed your post-training interview, you’ll begin responding to calls for support. As you respond to calls, you’ll move through our three-step mentoring process:


Step One Icon

Step 1:

Respond to calls with the victim crisis responder who was assigned to you as a mentor.

Step Two Icon

Step 2:

Respond to calls with a veteran victim crisis responder other than your mentor.

Step Three Icon

Step 3:

You’re released to respond to calls with any of our victim crisis responders.

Training & Support

When volunteering for the Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team, you’ll be provided with extensive training and support. Before responding to calls, every volunteer must complete an initial classroom training, which includes community speakers, law enforcement presentations, role playing activities, practical application of learned skills, and interaction with our current victim crisis responders. We also host monthly meetings, which include a training component, various community speakers, and a feedback session in which we review and discuss previous victim crisis response calls. In addition, you’ll be given the opportunity to attend annual training events, such as the Victims of Crime Conference, Core Crisis Response Training, and additional training sessions offered by community partners. Finally, we provide internal support, including debriefing sessions facilitated by the leadership team, peer support from mentor and veteran responders, and team building exercises and outings.

Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team Volunteer Badge

Ready to Make a Difference?

Volunteering for the Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team gives you the opportunity to assist your fellow community members on some of the worst days of their lives. Although the task is challenging, it is also extremely rewarding. Our volunteers have an enormous impact on their community!

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