Victim support/Information: 920-380-2989 Or Email us: jans@victimcrisisresponse.org

Victim Resources

The Fox Cities Victim Crisis Response Team members respond to a variety of incidents including domestic violence, suicide, homicide, robbery, abuse, death notifications, accidents and many more.

VCR Team strives to offer victims assistance with 3 Major Needs after a crisis:

  • Victims need to FEEL SAFE
  • Victims need to EXPRESS EMOTION
  • Victims need to KNOW WHAT

With those in mind, the goals of the VCR program is to:

  • To enhance the quality of justice by addressing the emotional, social, and informational needs of victims and witnesses.
  • To enhance law enforcement officers by assisting them in providing on-scene emotional support for victims and witnesses as well as providing services to work towards obtaining the most effective processing for all involved.
  • To meet the needs of all by responding with immediate assistance and providing community referrals.

Below you will find useful links and resources that you may find beneficial after a crisis:


  • Infant Death
    • Infant Death Center
    • In the Hours and Days after the Death of Your Child
  • General Death
    • At Need Form
    • Avoid Being the Victim During Your Time of Grief
    • Cleaning Services
    • Funeral Homes
    • Fox Valley Grief Network
    • Mourners Bill of Rights
    • Dealing with Loss and Grief
    • The Dragonfly


  • Center for Suicide Awareness
  • Community for Hope
  • Prevent Suicide Fox Cities
  • Special Grief of Suicide

Grieving Child

  • Center for Grieving Children
  • Camp Hope
  • Child Bereavement
  • Helping Children Cope
  • Ten Ways to Help a Grieving Child
  • My Grief Rights for Kids


  • Compensable Crimes
  • Crime Compensation Application
  • Crime Compensation: Financial Help for Victims
  • After the Crime
  • Rights and Services for Crime Victims and Witnesses
  • Victim Witness:
    • Outagamie County
    • Calumet County
    • Winnebago County
  • Interacting with the Media
  • Criminal Court Process
  • Legal Assistance Clinic
  • Vine:  Protective Order and VINE Brochure

Domestic Violence

  • Christine Ann Center
  • Harbor House
  • Power and Control Wheel
  • Similarities and Differences Between a Domestic Restraining Order and a Harassment Restraining Order

Mental Health

  • NAMI
  • Iris Place
  • Hopeline

Sexual Assault

  • Sexual Assault Crisis Center


  • B.A.B.E.S.
  • Leaven
  • Veteran Services
  • Critical Events
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Online Library

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