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Victims of crime and other traumatic events often benefit from having access to community organizations and the publications they produce. When responding to crimes, we provide these resources to victims as needed. However, we also want to make these resources available to all community members, including victims of crimes that we’re not able to respond to. Below, you’ll find a number of resources for victims, including mental health resources, domestic violence resources, suicide prevention resources, and more! Please use the filters below to refine the list of resources by type (i.e. organization or publication) and topic (e.g. mental health, domestic violence, sexual assault, etc.).

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Avoiding and Reporting Scams

Topic: Scams Type: Organization

Learn about the latest scams, and get advice to help you avoid, report, and recover from them.

Solutions Peer Response Team

Topic: Substance Abuse Type: Organization

 The Solutions Peer Response Team (PRT) is an innovative program targeted at quicker responses to immediate substance use concerns within Winnebago County. Due to the nature of addiction issues, a rapid response approach is not always available through traditional efforts. When someone needs help with substance use, they typically need help now!  The PRT is a peer-driven program made up of staff who all have lived experience and are trained recovery coaches. They are available 24/7 to respond to any substance use related need in our community at no cost.
The goals of the PRT program are to work with people who are experiencing crisis, vulnerability, and desperation to mitigate overdose risk, support in navigating resources, link individuals to proper care and treatment, and rapidly respond to substance use crises in real time. Through a care centered approach the PRT offers: Recovery Coach Services Detox Support Guidance with navigating the complex treatment systems Access to Narcan and other harm reduction tools Transportation to recovery-related services Support during recovery journey The PRT staff are available daily at Solutions: Monday-Friday 8:00am-9:30pm. There is also a 24/7 Recovery Hotline that is operated by staff with lived experience to assist with any addiction-related needs. If you or a loved one is struggling with addiction, please don’t hesitate to either stop by Solutions (621 Evans St, Oshkosh, WI 54901) or call the Recovery Hotline. A warm welcome and support are waiting for you on the other end!

GRASP – Grief Recovery After Substance Passing

Topic: Death Type: Organization

Anyone who has lost a loved one through substance use knows that society treats this loss differently than a death from any other cause. There is the belief that the one who died must have somehow been a bad person. And for those of us left behind, that we too must have somehow been a bad person. We must have been a bad parent, a bad spouse, a bad partner, a bad sibling, a bad friend, or the person we love wouldn’t have died. But we are not bad people. The one we lost was not a bad person. There is no blame here. For them or for you. They did their best. They struggled with their disease but, ultimately, this disease took their life. And however you tried to save them, you did your best. Because that’s what love does.
Grief Recovery After Substance Passing (GRASP) was created to offer understanding, compassion, and support for those who have lost someone they love through addiction and overdose. Too many times we suffer not only the death of the person we love, but we become isolated in our grief. We feel, and too many times it is true, that no one understands our pain. But at GRASP, we do. We have suffered this same kind of loss and we have found the love and connection that only those who have lived this loss can give another. And while the pain of this loss will always be with us, we have found through GRASP that we don’t have to walk the road that is our pain alone. We walk it together; hand in hand and heart to heart. Please come, join us. And become a part of the healing community that is GRASP.

Teen Dating Violence

Topic: Domestic Violence Type: Publication

Adolescence is a time when many young people start their first romantic relationships. Dating can be a new and exciting phase in teens’ lives that helps them learn more about themselves and sets the stage for future relationships. But for many teens, the dating experience can also include different forms of violence that can cause short- and long-term harm to their physical and mental health. Helping teens develop healthy and respectful relationships early on may protect them from the harmful consequences of dating violence and set the stage for healthy relationship patterns that persist into adulthood.    The Children’s Safety Now Alliance and Children’s Safety Network seek to strengthen state and jurisdiction health department infrastructure to support child safety and well-being. This fact sheet can guide the work of states and jurisdictions by informing where and how to focus programs and strategies to prevent and reduce teen dating violence.


Topic: Homeless Type: Organization

COTS, Inc. is a transitional shelter helping individuals experiencing homelessness in the Fox Valley, Wisconsin. Our goal is to end homelessness by helping individuals to transition to self-sufficiency and independent living.

Wisconsin Department of Health Services

Funeral Assistance Funds

Topic: Death Type: Organization

The Wisconsin Funeral and Cemetery Aids Program (WFCAP) is for funeral, cemetery, and crematory providers. It covers service provider expenses that aren’t fully paid for by an eligible decedent’s estate, family, or other resources.

Prevent Suicide Fox Cities Logo

Support Groups for After Suicide Loss

Topic: Grief Type: Organization

Our support groups are made up of people just like you who have lost someone they loved to suicide. When you are ready and able to talk about it, we are here to listen and offer the support you need at this time of your loss. In our support groups you will find kindness, warmth, a shoulder to cry on and friendship. Best of all we are people who care and want to listen to your story. We understand your sorrow.

Hope Clinic & Care Center

Topic: Physical Assault Type: Organization

Hope Clinic & Care Center offers FREE general physical exams, primary care, medication assistance, laboratory services and consultations. Our caring nurses and physicians will help you eliminate barriers to your wellness, and assist you however we can, at every visit.

National Center for Missing and Exploited Children

Topic: Missing Persons Type: Organization

NCMEC is the nation’s largest and most influential child protection organization. We lead the fight to protect children, creating vital resources for them and the people who keep them safe. Every child deserves a safe childhood.

Polaris Project

Topic: Sex Trafficking Type: Organization

Founded in 2002, Polaris is named for the North Star, which people held in slavery in the United States used as a guide to navigate their way to freedom. Today we are filling in the roadmap for that journey and lighting the path ahead.


Topic: Sex Trafficking Type: Organization

5-stones is a non-profit organization established for the purpose of raising awareness about the magnitude of sex trafficking in Wisconsin.

Damascus Road

Topic: Sex Trafficking Type: Organization

Damascus Road was founded in 2009 and is dedicated to fighting the evil of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. We are committed to bring awareness through educating, restoring and empowering the abused, and advocating for the prevention and abolition of human trafficking.

Center for Loss and Life Transition Logo

Center for Loss

Topic: Death Type: Organization

Led by death educator and grief counselor Dr. Alan Wolfelt, we are an organization dedicated to helping people who are grieving and those who care for them. Perhaps someone you love has died, or you want to help a grieving friend or family member. Or maybe you are a professional or volunteer grief caregiver. Either way, we are here to offer resources and understanding.

Camp Hope Logo

Camp Hope

Topic: Grief Type: Organization

From the moment they arrive, the children and teenagers learn that it is okay to laugh and play and that to do so is not disrespectful to the memory of the person who died. That fun and positive energy comes through in everything we do - starting with our counselors, to our on-site nurse to our kitchen staff. And since everyone who is at camp knows what it’s like to lose someone they love, there is also plenty of space for sharing and the acceptance of tears.

Community for Hope Logo

Survivors of Suicide Loss

Topic: Grief Type: Organization

Our group was established in 2001, in response to a growing number of teen suicides in Oshkosh and the clear need for action to stem this alarming trend. While our initial focus was on teen suicide, our current focus includes all age groups. We are a completely volunteer-based organization, and welcome and appreciate the help of any person or group who wishes to support our efforts.

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